Fall Training Programs

Fall Training Programs

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You are a goal chaser. You want to run faster, longer and be stronger. This fall you are ready to take your training to the next level. 

Fall is the best time of year to be a runner. It’s still warm enough where you can wear shorts but those crisp mornings allow you to pick up the pace. Our fall training programs build on your summer fitness and make sure you are ready for races like The bRUNch Run, Chicago Marathon, Boston Marathon, Berlin Marathon, Colfax Marathon, Colorado Marathon, New York Marathon and Honolulu Marathon. If we missed your race let us know! There are so many this fall! 

Whether you are training for a 5K or a marathon, we have a training program for you. 

The bRUNch Run 5K and 10K 

You have signed up for the greatest and most delicious race on the planet. Now it’s time to train to hit that race goal. This program has been created to help you conquer the 5K or 10K distance. Whether you are looking for a PR or looking to finish your first race this program is customized to meet you where you are. This program kicks off on August 30. 

Half Marathon or Marathon 

You pick the start date. Our half marathon and marathon programs are an individualized program to help you achieve your race goals and make sure that your training and race experience are enjoyable and injury free. 

Walk to Run

This 4-week walk-to-run program is designed with the necessary building blocks to help you become a runner with the walk to run method. This is a progressive plan that is designed to help you reach your running goals whether it be one mile or 50.

This program is also great for those runners coming back from injury, post-pregnancy, or those who took an extend break from running and want to get back into it.

Month-to-Month Program

And for the runner that wants an amazing workout but does not feel like signing up for a race until the last minute, check out our 40 Minute program. This $10 a month program provides you with daily 40 minute workouts all from the comfort of your own home. 

All of these programs include:

  • A private social wall where you can share your runs, ask questions to the group and get to know other runners in the community.
  • All programs are managed through Final Surge where you can upload your workout data and get feedback from Cortney and Alex.
  • Monthly Zoom happy hours featuring special guests to share knowledge and help you race better. 
  • The ability to directly text with Cortney and Alex whenever you have questions. 
  • At-home strength and HIIT workouts by request.