5 Must Haves for Spring Running

5 Must Haves for Spring Running

Spring is here and spring running means that you need to be prepared for everything. This time of year it can be freezing if you are a before 10am runner or it can feel like summer with temps creeping up into the 80s. How do you prepare for all the things during this crazy season? No need to really think on this questions because we put together a list of the 5 things you need for spring training. 

1. Wipes from Wipeys

Stick these wipes in all your pockets because they are super handy! Made with all natural ingredients you will love the scent and feel uber refreshed, even after using the port-a-potties. It is down and use the hand wipe for a non-stick feeling and clean feeling that won’t leave you wondering what that weird flavor is as you throw a snack in your month mid-run. Post-race wipe that face and put your life together before brunch with the face wipe! Use code brunch to save 25% off your order. 

2. Shades from goodr 

Honestly you really need to be wearing shades all year long because protecting your eyes is super important. Our crew is a huge fan of goodr! These sunglasses are uber affordable, fun, and they do not bounce! These are the go-to sunglasses for ALL runners! Stock up because you can afford to own multiple pairs! 


3. Brimmed hat from Skida

Continuing on the tangent about sun protection, the brim hats from Skida are what you need. They are super cute, comfortable and protect you from the sun. A little birdy has let it slip that those attending bRUNch at Night might be scoring on these wild hats in their swag bags…. so maybe it’s a good idea to join the crew on July 20 at Snooze in Denver. 

4. Smoothie season is back

For those of us that live in the frozen tundra a cold smoothie in winter just does not hit right but the warmer temps mean that you can blend it up post-run with a smoothie from Blender Bombs. These nutrient dense bombs are exactly what your body needs after a run in the spring sunshine. There are so many fun flavors and recipes. Your body will 100 percent thank you! Pro tip: Breaking these babies apart are also great fuel on the go during your runs!  Code brunch10 gets you 10% off your order! 

5. A water bottle

During the cooler months you can 100 percent get away with running without water on any run under 60 minutes. As those temps start to hit the 60s, bringing water on any run over 45 minutes is a great idea. This will help ensure that you do not get dehydrated as the temps warm up as your miles do. 

A few more things to note for this season! This season is all about layers. It is always better to be prepared with a waterproof or resistant. Put on the layers as you head out the door, you can always shed them and wrap them around your waist once you have warmed up! 


Happy Spring running!

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