• 5 Podcasts for the Long Run

    Podcasts are perfect for long runs. You can get lost in a story and not focus on your pace, the distance or how long you are out there. All you have to do is listen and enjoy. These 5 podcasts are a few of our favs. Some will inspire you and some will entrance you. Hit download and lace it up because it’s time for your long run. 
  • Recipe: Blueberry Ricotta Pancakes with Lemon Curd

    It’s no secret that we love pancakes. In honor of this year’s bRUNch Run’s medal theme and the amazing Emma Coburn getting ready to crush the Olympics, we had to share one of our favorite pancake recipes from Emma’s cookbook, “The Runner’s Kitchen.” 

  • The 5 Best Olympic Track Moments of All Time

    The Olympics officially start on Friday and we cannot wait! To really get us in the mood we took a deep dive into the Games of yesteryears for a look back at the best track and field moments. Creating this list was almost as hard as training for a marathon because there are so many amazing moments and athletes in this spor

  • How to Know When You Need a Coach

    Fall races are right around the corner and if you are like us, you have weekends packed with fun sweaty adventures. This fall is stacked with races like Chicago, The bRUNch Run and Boston all happening the same weekend. (Side note: The bRUNch Run is a great taper for anyone running the Colfax Marathon or the Colorado Marathon. Hint. Hint. Nudge. Nudge).  

  • Help Inspire the Next Generation of Female Runners

    Take a moment and let’s go way back, all the way back to elementary school. If your elementary school experience was anything like ours, the only running we did in school was in gym class or at the school’s fun run. School was also not always the place we wanted to be. Both of us experienced bullying by other girls and many of you probably did as well. We all know that girls can be mean. 

  • Want to be a better runner? You need to sleep.

    As runners we know that movement is an important compontent for a healthy lifestyle. Running and regular exercise reduces the risks of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and other health issue. It has also been known to help reduce the risk for anxiety and depression, plus it can help you sleep better. Sleep is one of the most important aspects of our training and ensures that we are ready to perform at our best. 

  • 3 Tips to Get Back to Racing

    Raise your hand if you have been obsessing over the Olympic Track Trials this week. We have! These races are the perfect motivation and inspiration to help all of us get back to those start lines. And thankfully races are back!
  • Summer Gear Up

    Summer is basically here and that means a few changes to our gear and hydration needs. To make sure you are ready for the season, we’ve put together our favorite warm weather gear and snacks. 
  • Carbs, yes!

    Raise your hand if you are afraid of carbs? This past month we’ve been focusing on nutrition and the questions about carbs came in by the loaf full. Let’s dig deep into this macronutrient with the help of our amazing friend and nutrition coach Jordan Langhough.  
  • The Best Snow Day Cross-Training

    It’s starting to feel like spring but March is one of the snowiest months here in Colorado. When the snow falls it can be hard to lace up and head out into the cold. For those without a treadmill, Nordic skiing is a great way to train your muscles on days the snow is just too deep but you still want to get outside for some cardio. 

  • The Runner’s Nutrition Guide

    Running and eating go hand in hand and as March is National Nutrition Month we teamed up with our good friend and nutrition coach Jordan Langhoughto dig a little deeper into forming a healthier relationship with food and debunking the junk information out there about nutrition. 

  • 5 Tools for Better Recovery

    Science has shown time and again that rest and recovery are crucial in our overall training and having a rest day is just as important as any workout day is. Here are some of our favorite things to do to help assist us on your rest and recovery days. You can thank us later!