• Running for the Hills

    Training on hills has its perks for sure. Think of hill running as speed work in disguise. Taking your training to the hills can make you a faster more efficient runner, and while it not only helps toughen your body it helps toughen the mind. 
  • The Best Winter Running Gear

    Every season has its gear and this is the gear you need to make winter the most runderful time of the year. 

  • The Best Tips for Winter Running

    Winter is here and as snow is falling across the country, even in Arizona this week, we put together some of our favorite cold weather running tips to keep you warm and safe this season. 
  • Tips For Running With Your Dog

    If you know us, you know we love running with our dogs. Our dogs have become the unofficial mascots of bRUNch Running over the years. Running with your dog is a great way to exercise your dog, yourself and as a way to bond. 
  • How To Foam Roll

    Foam rolling can help produce similar effects of massage therapy (for a fraction of the cost we might add).  It can help increase circulation and blood flow in your body and aid in the muscle recovery process. It can help with posture and breaking up scar tissue. 
  • The Best Post-Run Meals

    Look for a dish with carbs and proteins. We repeat, carbs and protein. This could be a sandwich, burrito bowl, egg scramble, omelets, stir fry and fajitas, just to name a few. Feel free to indulge a bit. French Toast for example is an excellent source of protein and carbs! Pile on the berries!
  • To Eat Or Not To Eat Before Your Morning Run

    The morning runner is up with the sun. They slip into their spandex. Lace up their shoes and head out the door. Some might drink a glass of water, a cup of coffee or some electrolytes but should you eat before your morning run?