About Us

A blonde and a brunette go to brunch...

The concept of bRUNch Running was established in 2013, in Denver, Colorado by two gal pals who had (and still have) an affinity for running and brunch (duh). In case you’re wondering, Cortney Logan is the blonde and Alexandra Weissner the brunette.

bRUNch Running has quickly become one of the top social fitness communities in the country, online and through hosting live fitness events.

We are a pretty incredible community of people who enjoy all things: running and fitness, eating (brunch mostly), imbibing + of course being social.

We’ve got something for everyone, including free and ticketed events! Our events range in size from intimate to our largest event our annual bRUNch Run 5k + 10k timed race in Denver, Colo. bRUNch Running's main focus is to motivate individuals to not only get active but stay active, eat well, and be social!

We believe running, fitness, socializing, and of course delicious food and drink are essential for a happy balanced life. In a nutshell: bRUNch takes the pain out of “planning brunch.” Imagine that! We do all the heavy lifting by picking a date, a restaurant/ fitness studio, creating running route(s), locking in sponsors, all so you can have an incredible bRUNching experience from start to finish!

We usually meet on a Sunday (sometimes on a Saturday, and even on a Thursday night because brunch is good anytime of day, anytime of week). We go for a run but we use the term "run" loosely, as it's up to the individual as to how fast or slow they'd like to go. We also let them pick a distance (we map out 5k + 10k options so no one gets lost).

After your run is done, everyone "brunches" together at a local hotspot restaurant. Fun fact for ya, all our runs start and finish at the restaurant and our un-timed, with the exception of our annual bRUNch Run 5k + 10k event every October. Save the date: The 7th Annual bRUNch Run on October 10, 2021.

We don't care how fast or slow you go, how young or old you are (must be 21+ to drink adult beverages of course), male or female, if you have four-legs (dog-friendly) or get around in a stroller (kid-friendly). The only thing we care about is that YOU like, scratch that, LOVE brunch as much as we do!



Cortney + Alex