How far is the “RUN” part of bRUNch?

Almost all of our events offer both a 5k and 10k option and we do map out each route and go over detailed instructions prior to taking off for the run . We also have someone “lead” the run, someone hanging out  in the middle, and someone at the back of the pack to ensure no one is left behind. However, if for whatever reason you “get lost” and lose our group (this rarely ever happens), just make sure to make it back to the restaurant we are bRUNching at!


Are the courses marked?

Our un-timed runs do not have marked routes and are considered to be “open course”. However, we try to make our courses as simple as possible with loops or out-and-back, running in a park or on a trail.  We provide mapped out routes on our websites as well as directions prior to taking off for the run to make sure everyone is on the same page and no one gets lost! Sometimes (if we get up early enough in the morning) we will chalk the course out with little arrows.


Do I have to run?

No, you can walk, skip or stroll, or just show up for the food and drinks! We have bRUNchers of all levels, abilities, and speeds that join us at each event! 


How do I get bRUNch to come to my town?

Submit your request via our website. We are currently “researching” new cities. 


What is your refund policy for ticketed events?

We do not offer refunds. Period. We run in all weather. Unless an event is canceled we do not offer refunds. We do sometimes offer you to “transfer” your ticket to a different event. But, this is a case by case basis and done so at our discretion. Tickets for our annual bRUNch Run are non-refundable and cannot be transferred to a different event.


I have dietary restrictions and I want to bRUNch? 

We try to be as accommodating as possible and make sure there are items for everyone. If you have restrictions or allergies contact us before the event you want to attend and we will see what we can do! 


Is it okay to bring children?

Absolutely! We are a family-friendly event! 


What about dogs?

We love our furry bRUNchers! Dogs are always welcome on our runs, however many restaurants do not have outdoor seating or do not allow dogs. Please check the participating restaurants’ website for their furry friend policy. 


What do I need to bring to bRUNch?

Yourself, a good pair of running or walking shoes and a healthy appetite! If you are planning on consuming adult beverages make sure to bring your ID, no ID no drinks for you! And please, please, make sure that if you plan on imbibing in more than several drinks that you Uber, Lfyt, or get a ride home. WE DO NOT CONDONE DRINKING AND DRIVING ever. So please drink responsibly.

Also, since we do run in all weather conditions we recommend bringing a change of socks for those wet runs as nothing is worse than eating brunch with wet feet.


What does my ticket include?

Each ticket includes the ultimate bRUNch experience - a fun organized event with some amazing new friends, socializing with said friends afterwards over the beloved cult following meal, brunch! We also work with our awesome sponsors for giveaways at each event (i.e. swag bags, free race entries, glassware, apparel, and so much more). In order to attend bRUNch you must RSVP and reserve your ticket even for those FREE EVENTS. This helps to ensure the safety of all parties that are bRUNching as everyone must agree to our waiver in order to participate in bRUNch activities.