Brunch Running Holiday Gift Guide

Brunch Running Holiday Gift Guide

1. String of Hearts from The Sill 

Indoor plants have so many health benefits and as lovers of the outdoors bringing the outdoors indoors is  a must. The String of Hearts from The SIll is a beatuiful trailing succulent known for its heart-shaped leaves and tolerant nature aka somethign that will survive while you are on your next runcation. 


2. Socks from Balega

Not all socks are made equally and as athletes we know socks. Finding the perfect running and walking sock is like finding your solemate and Balega socks are fun and of the highest quality. They provide unmatched excellence in fit, feel and performance. Sock up this holiday season and ask for a stocking of socks. We probably took this one too far…..


3. YETI Hopper Backpack Cooler

The cooler that is truly a brunch runners best friend is The Hopper. This hands-free cooler comfortably straps on like a backpack so run up that mountains and have cold snacks at the top. Plus it fits easily into a car so you can have a picnic just about everywhere. 


4. beam dream

Whether you are looking forward to catching up on your sleep this holiday season or you are sharing a room with your entire family including that family member the swears they do not store, stock up on dream by beam. With holiday flavors like Gingerbread and White Chocolate Peppermint, this season fall asleep, stay asleep and wake up ready to run and recover. 


5. Smartwool Men’s Intraknit Merino Tech 1/2 Zip Hoodie

Comfort, warmth and breathable are key for gear during the winter months. This 1/2 Zip Hoodie is not only water-resistant but gives you so much ability to explore and move. 


6. Block Star Mini Bliss Sunscreen 

Sunscreen is a must for us all whenever we head outdoors and this mini is the perfect for every pocket. Packed with powerful antioxidant blend to help protect against free radicals the sheer formula wears like a dream. It also means it will not burn your eyes as you sweat. Just because it’s winter does not need you do not need sunscreen so stock up!


7. Blissfeel Women’s Running Shoe Winter

Did someone says a winter specific running shoe? Yes, you read that correctly. Lululemon is the first brand to make a women’s running shoe made for tough weather. Not only are these runners designed based on the female foot, they are made with abrasion-resistant mesh and reflective elements to support your on those cold, dark mornings. One thing that is really cool is the 30-day trail. Test the shoes out for 30-days and return them for a full refund if you do not love them. 


8. Nuun Sport 8-Pack

There is no gift like the gift of hydration. Right now we might be resting up for spring races are on the mind and for those that are training, they need hydration at the ready. The Nuun Sport 8-Pack provides weeks of hydration needs in so many delicious flavors. Our favorite might be the watermelon. 


9. Brooks Canopy Running Jacket

From the bright color to locking in heat on the coldest winter days. The semi-fitted cut lets you move freely without added bulk, and the jacket features zippered hand and inner pockets so you can securely store your belongings on your run. 


10. Brunch Running x Be a Good Person Hoodie 

When you need to get cozy, you need a hoodie that feels like a warm hug. This is the hoodie! We might be playing a few favorites but this hoodie is everything to sum up 2022 for us! 



So excited about this watch! Huge COROS fans over here but this watch is the ultimate running and adventure watch. Designed for performance over all types of terrian from running roads to trails, this is a watch to crush your dreams and of your dreams. With an even more durable exterior, redesigned GPS antenna for stronger performance, enhanced navigagtion experience, next-generation optical heart rate sensor, and longer GPS battery life, the APEX 2 is the most powerful wirst-worn training tool. Trainer smarter and go longer! 


12. Normatec 3 Lower Body by Hyperice

Get these! These are a game-changer in your recovery program and they are on sale this holiday season. Recover faster and refresh your lower back, hips and legs with the ultimate package. You can thank us later when you are performing better and feeling like a pro! It’s like massage every time you sit down to read or watch Netflix. Our recommendation make a beam dream and sit back and relax. 


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