Officially Entering Our Thrive Era

Officially Entering Our Thrive Era

2024 is here and we have officially entered our thrive era. If you missed the Rest & Thrive Challenge at the end of the year, not a problem, you can still make this year all about thriving. The challenge was all about resting and now it is time to GO! 


To support that GO, we put together a little list of the 8 things that are going to help us thrive in 2024. Why 8? Let’s get a little woowoo before we dive in. This year we find ourselves in the power of 8. The Universal Year 8 is about personal achievement, empowerment and big financial gains. It’s about claiming who you are, where you want to go and all things abundance. 


One thing we’ve learned is that if you are constantly trying to just survive and not taking time for yourself, thriving does not work. That is why we want to set you up for success in all the things, running included! 


The List 


1. 2024 Weekly and Monthly Planner. There is something so rewarding about crossing something off a to-do list. While we might live and die by our iCal (how else are we supposed to time block our lives and be notified when we need to leave to get to run club on time), this old school planner helps us stay organized and planned. Plus there are so many fun options that you can pick the cover that is calling to you for this year. 


2. ALOHA Protein. Hitting those daily protein goals is so much easier when you have ALOHA in your pocket. The Peppermint White Chocolate Protein Bar is still available online and it’s like a bit of the holidays in every bite plus there is a rumor that Raspberry White Chocolate will be back in stock later today…. WIth 14 grams of plant-based protein these treats taste delicious and are perfect for a quick post-run snack. Also give the protein powders a try! Pro tip: Add the protein powder to your smoothies. See the next item on the list. 


3. Blender Bomb Smoothies. When you fuel your body the best, it performs the best and that’s why we love Blender Bomb Smoothies from The Bomb Co. Busy lives mean meals and snacks on the go but we do not sacrifice fueling our bodies because we can blend up fruits and veggies into a smoothie that travels. Also love sprinkling the bombs over some oatmeal for a cozy slow breakfast. Use code brunch10 for 10% off all of your orders. 


4. Sakara. Cannot promise that this is the last food related item on the list but food is LIFE! For the weeks when grocery shopping and meal prepping seems like way too much, Sakara is our go-to. It’s the way we know that our bodies will be 100% during those big days and we don’t forget to eat because everything in pre-packaged, delivered to our front door and is easily grabbed out for the fridge. Health is wealth even during the craziest weeks like bRUNch Run week over here! 


5. Normatec by Hyperice. There is nothing we love more than slip on our Normatec compression books and ready a book or Netflix. It’s the perfect way to slow down every evening and allow our muscles time to rest. These babies are coming into every single year with us so you should also get yourself a pair because they are the best investment you can make for your body. Use code bRUNch2023 for 10% off your order. (Working on a new code coming soon)



6. Sauna Blanket from Higher Dose. This has Blair and Heather written all over it! If you know these two run leaders, you know what we mean. During the Rest & Thrive Challenge, we did some sauning but some of us don’t live close to Upswell and some of us do not have the space to build our own saunas at home, that is whre the Sauna Blanket Starter Kit is perfect for you. It’s an Infrared Sauna Blanket that helps you detoxify at home and that you can store in your closet. 


7. Wear Sunscreen. Sunscreen is super important for all of us, especially those of us living at higher elevations. YOUARESUNSHINE from Clearstem is our current favorite because not only is it an SPF 50 but it’s non-toxic and does not burn our eyes when out for a run. Plus it’s sheer with a slight tint so it can also double as a light foundation. And get on the waitlist for their SUNNYSIDE Brush-On Mineral Sunscreen. This is perfect for those kiddos because we all know what it’s like trying to wrangle a toddler with liquid sunscreen. It’s like trying to hug jello…. Use code BRUNCHRUNNING for 15% off your order. 


8. Commit to community. We are not meant to do life alone. We all have those days but if you truly want to transform and change your life for the better make friends and be in community. When this run club started we never realized the wealth of friendships we would create. We’ve definitely joked that we started a run club to make more friends that run but it’s 100 true. The friends we’ve personally made and the friends we know you’ve made here have changed your life. Commit to coming out and joining us at least once a month (we would say every Sunday but we get it, you have a life 😂). Bring your friends or someone you met at a race or a workout class. 


This is your year to thrive. This is our year to thrive. And if we do it together, it’s going to be even more magical! Let’s go 2024! 

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