Setting Goals with Professional Runner Neely Gracey

Setting Goals with Professional Runner Neely Gracey

Are you ready to take your running to the next level? If so, then you’ll want to check out this awesome podcast episode featuring Neely Gracey, a professional runner and coach. In this episode of Behind the Sweat, Neely shares her top tips for setting realistic goals that will help you reach your running goals faster and more efficiently. So strap in and get ready to learn how to set goals like a pro!

According to Neely, goal setting is all about having clarity about what it is that you want. In order for your goal to be effective and achievable, it needs to be specific. Instead of saying “I want to run faster," break it down into measurable milestones such as “I want to run 5K in less than 25 minutes by April." This type of specificity allows you to track progress and celebrate successes along the way.

Neely also emphasizes the importance of understanding why you are setting a goal in the first place. She says “you need some sort of internal motivation that will drive you forward even when things get tough… Without this intrinsic motivation, your goal won’t seem quite so important or achievable." Taking time to reflect on why a certain goal matters can help make it easier for you stay focused when times get tough.

Finally, Neely encourages runners not be afraid of failure or setback - they are part of being human and growing as an athlete. As she explains “we all have moments where we don’t hit our goals or we fall short… It doesn’t mean that we should give up on them - rather it means we should assess why it happened and use that information moving forward." By taking a proactive approach towards learning from failures, athletes can avoid getting stuck in a cycle of stagnation and use their setbacks as opportunities for growth instead.

Setting goals has never been easier thanks to the wisdom shared by Neely Gracey in this Behind the Sweat podcast episode! Be sure to listen through the whole thing - she dives deep into how runners can set meaningful goals with her top-notch expertise and helpful worksheets (which are available in the call notes). So don't wait - start listening now! And if you're looking for guidance on setting your own running goals, check out our blog post from last week which covers everything from creating SMART goals to tracking progress! Happy running!

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