Summer Gear Up

Summer Gear Up

Summer is basically here and that means a few changes to our gear and hydration needs. To make sure you are ready for the season, we’ve put together our favorite warm weather gear and snacks. 

Vital Proteins Collagen Gummies

Collagen Gummies! Vital Proteins recently introduced their new single step and easy way to take collagen. Collagen has so many benefits for us runners and especially as we are starting to prepare for the return of races. Ladies for sure check out the Women’s Multi! This gummy has B vitamins, antioxidant vitamins & minerals, boosts daily energy and supports immune health. 


Feetures Socks 

Summer socks! Time to show off those ankles and brighten up our wardrobes. Feetures has introduced some really fun and airy socks this season all ready to get your performance and keep you motivated for that race you just signed up for. The Rose Tea and Lilatech are so pretty so you better order them as a bundle! Haven’t tried Feetures yet? These socks are designed to hug the heel and keep the sock from sliding plus the seamless toe eliminates any irritation up front. We’ve been wearing Feetures for years and they are not only great as your run socks but as your everyday socks. 


Picky Bars

As we plan for our outdoor adventures, we need to bring the snacks and that includes bars that will not melt in the heat of the season. Picky Bars are delicious and melt free! Plus some more free things, they are gluten, dairy, soy and GMO free. The flavors are so yummy and fun! Our favorites are the Mint Condition, Smooth Caffeinator and Cinnamon Roll’n. Keep these snacks on hand to keep up your energy from your long run to your fun runs. Use code BRUNCHRUN for 20% off your purchase of $25+. 


Porter Mugs from W&P Design 

These mugs make your coffee on the go so much more fun! The stylish ceramic mugs are wrapped with a protective silicone sleeve and come in a sleek color palette and Terrazzo pattern. Your drink is going to look as good as it tastes! 


Brooks Running Glycerin GTS 19 

Achieve Runfulness with these super soft and support road shoes. These shoes feature the most extreme underfoot softness providing amazing support each time your foot hits the ground. Add in the fun spring colors and if you need a wide and supportive shoe, this is your new go-to.


Beam Elevate Hydration Powders

This time of year it is super important to stay well hydrated and the new hydration powders from beam are amazing! As endurance athletes we know that water alone is not always what we need and these clean electrolyte powders deliver effective and fast hydration thanks to supercharged and super-hydrating ingredients like coconut water and Himalayan sea salt. From everyday balance, performance and recovery, select the powder that your body needs on any given day. Use code trybeam for 15% off your first order. 


Nathan Hydration Vests

To stay on the topic of hydration. How are you packing your hydration on your runs? We love a good vest and Nathan makes a vest for everyone. They have so many great vests at an affordable price and come in so many fun colors. Plus there are plenty of pockets for snacks. One of the things we love best about vests, is that they keep everything compact and close to the body. Take a look at all they have and if a vest isn’t for you, find a system that hits in your hand or around your waste. 


Ruffwear Dog Harness 

Make running with your dog easier by having the ruff gear that is designed, built and tested on the trail and roads. The Hi & Light Lightweight Dog Harness from Ruffwear is perfect for dogs of all sizes and durable. Perfect for those low-light visibility morning or evening runs. Plus it comes with a light loop for attaching a beacon  and attach to any leash. 


Happy Pace Happy Face Sweatshirt

Spring is sweatshirt season and the one sweatshirt we cannot live without is from our very own shop. Both of us live in these because they are super soft. Pick your favorite color or all of them and add to your wardrobe this season. 


COROS Pace 2 Premium GPS Sport Watch 

Spring is about leaving the layers behind and that includes heavy GPS watches. The COROS Pace 2 Premium GPS Sport Watch is the lightest GPS watch on the market and the perfect spring training partner. WIth a wrist-based heart rate monitor and improved running experience, you can set yourself up for success for all those fall races. 

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