The Best Snow Day Cross-Training

The Best Snow Day Cross-Training

It’s starting to feel like spring but March is one of the snowiest months here in Colorado. When the snow falls it can be hard to lace up and head out into the cold. For those without a treadmill, Nordic skiing is a great way to train your muscles on days the snow is just too deep but you still want to get outside for some cardio. 

We reached out to Nordic team at Snow Mountain Ranch to learn more about the sport. 

Cross country skiing uses almost all of the muscles in your body and provides you will a low impact and high sweat workout. It is widely accepted that it is one of the best cardiovascular exercises known. 

Rooted in running, Nordic skiing is a progression of natural human movements and functions very similarly to running. The movements are very much the same. Getting started is easy but the technique takes time to learn and master. It will probably take a few times of heading out to start feeling comfortable. 

Skiing is a lifetime sport and many athletes find that they can cross country throughout their entire lives. 

Just like running, learning how to dress and which layers to wear can take time to figure. It’s always better to start a little cold because you now you will warm up but keep those layers handy. Make sure to dress in non-cotton layers with a warm hat, gloves or mittens, warm socks, sunscreen and sunglasses. Sounds to us like our running gear might be able to double up. And don’t forget to bring water! You will work up a thirst. 

Nordic skiing in Colorado can have extreme variations in weather conditions, so be prepared for those changes. 

Once you have the gear and some snow, even an inch, you can ski almost anywhere. Grooming is nice but not necessary. 

You can teach yourself or if you want some guidance, Snow Mountain Ranch offers both group and private lessons. Plus they have all the gear. You can rent and see what you think! Right now they have amazing deals if you do fall in love and want to get equipment of your own. 

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