Women Deserve to Feel Safe When They Run

Women Deserve to Feel Safe When They Run

Running in a sports bra is appropriate running attire. Running at anytime of the day is okay. Running with music is fun. Running alone is empowering. Running outside is safe and not limited but… society says otherwise.

It’s time for the running community to demand changes to make our streets, parks, sidewalks and trails safe. Enough is enough. Let us run!

Copy and paste this letter to send to your local parks & rec departments, towns and cities to government officials.

Today I am sending you this note asking for your help in making our communities safe. I am a runner and I am tired of hearing about womxn runners being kidnapped, assaulted and killed when out for a run. These acts of violence against womxn are preventable and together we can work to make our communities safe for all.

These runners are juggling a busy life while taking care of themselves. These runs are their time but over and over again, womxn are being pulled from the streets. As runners and walkers, we see our hometowns, cities and parks from a different perspective. We notice the dark corners. The side streets with broken street lights. The parks without any lights. The parked vehicle that has been there for days. We have had to become observant because our lives depend on it.

Womxn are taught from a young age to be aware of their surroundings and it’s an amor that we wear because there is a 100 percent guarantee that we will be harassed and assaulted in our lives. That is a guarantee that needs to stop today and you can help.

I understand that changes cannot happen overnight but today I ask you to notice the dark corners. I would appreciate the opportunity to show you the dark corners and places that we can shine a light to help the community be more safe.

This is only a step! But it is a step in the right direction.

We have the right to run. This is not about what we wear. This is not about the time of day. This is not about wearing headphones. This is about feeling safe to walk out our front doors and sweat.

A Womxn Runner
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