Your Ultimate Packing Guide for November Races and Travel Adventures

Your Ultimate Packing Guide for November Races and Travel Adventures

From the New York City Marathon to the Nashville Marathon to the lululemon 10K in Scottsdale, so many runners will be conquering 26.2 in the next few weeks. Packing for a race takes a little extra planning because we all know in general packing is a whole thing and it can be stressful. These are the things we never leave home without whether traveling for a race or traveling in general. 

Wipeys: People are gross. That is one of the reasons we love wipeys. They fit perfectly in all of our pockets. Wipe down all the surfaces when you get on that plane because we do not have time to picking something up before race day. The hand wipes are the thing you need for race morning. They will leave your hands refreshed and clean for all of that on the race snacking. Throw a face wipe in for that finish line refresher! Wipe that salt off and make it sparkle in those finisher photos! Use code brunch for 25% off! 

Honeystinger Waffles: Packing for pre-race eats is hard because you want something that you know your tummy is  not going to hate. That is why we love the waffles from Honeystinger. The Cookies & Cream are a must for your pockets. It never hurts to add in the chews or the gels! We like to be prepared and bring all of our snacks ourselves and these are 100% approved by our bellies! 

Athletic Greens: Eating greens and traveling is SO hard! That is why AG1 is so easy! Throwing these into some water not only helps with immunity but it will also help to keep your regular, if you know what we mean. 

beam dream: Jumping around timezones is always hard on our bodies. When it comes to race day, you want to get a GREAT night’s sleep. That is where beam dream is the perfect solution. Add it to your bedtime routine for some peaceful zzz’s the night before your race. 

goodr sunglasses: Raise your hand if you have ever lost a pair of sunglasses you absolutely loved and spent a fortune on vacation? Us too! That is why goodr is amazing! The sunglasses start at $25 and they have no bounce. Plus they have some of the coolest styles so there is a color to match your fit! They also have a promo right now for 10% off your code with code SPOOKY. 

Blender Bombs New Protein Bars: Snacks on snacks on snacks. The Protein Cookies ’N Cream Bomb Bar launched earlier this week and OMG, it’s everything you need to snack on your way to your destination.  They are packed with superfoods and travel well!

Staying on the topic of snacks. Pack your own snacks. If you are arriving on Friday and racing on Saturday or Sunday, bring snacks from home. Favs over here include the Trail Mix cookies from Rise & Run. Throw them in a Stasher bag to stay fresh and you will not be worrying about what you are eating. 

Hypervolt Go: These baby is your travel BFF! It’s lightweight. It’s TSA approved. It will help get out those knots from traveling. It is a must for your carry-on! End of story but keep reading. Code is bRUNch2023 gets you a 10% discount on any purchases. We also have a few in our inventory is you would like to score one for $75! 

Yeti Water Bottle: Hydration. Hydration. Hydration. Bring your own water bottle and fill it up as soon as you get through security and do not stop drinking your water. This bottle is attached to your hand until further notice. 

Reminder always include your race day outfit in your carry-on to avoid any last-minute wardrobe mishaps that could affect your performance. Make sure said outfit is one you have run in before. You need to know where it rubs….. slide into our DMs for a story about when we did not do this correctly. 

Your mental well-being is a huge part of getting ready for race day so, don’t forget to pack a captivating book. One series that we really love and are very engrossed in is "American Royals" by Katharine McGee. Quick summary. What if America had a royal family and George Washington was our first king? It’s a YA read so it is so easy to get into and it’s an interesting look at what may have happened. 

For those venturing from Colorado, consider booking an appointment at Hydrate IV Bar for a revitalizing B12 shot or Immunity IV to ensure you stay in top condition. Use code BR20 for exclusive benefits.

After your adventurous endeavors, treat yourself to a therapeutic session at Upswell. Whether it's a myofascial release class to work out those kinks or simply unwinding in the sauna, your body will thank you for the self-care. Code brunchrun gets you a nice discount on a day pass! 

AND don't forget to pack your power cords for your Garmin, COROS, or any other running watch. You don't want your trusted device to run out of power during your race or adventures, potentially affecting your training or tracking. Your snacks power you. Electricity powers your watch! 


 Happy travels and may your races be filled with fun, laughter, personal bests and lots of snacks! Crush it!

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