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The bRUNch Run Training Program

The bRUNch Run Training Program

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It's our signature event and this is the program to get you to the start and through the finish with flying colors! From couch to 5K to 15K PRs, there is a program here for you!

Meet Your Coach

Hi! My name is Alex Weissner and I love running! Running has the power to transform your life and take you (physically) places you have never been! I am also a run coach and personal trainer. My coaching philosophy is a little different from others in the industry because my #1 goal is that you have fun. When you work with me you will not run every single day. I will push you to cross-train. I will inspire you to try a new form of movement. I will create a program and a plan based around your life, your goals and where you are today. 

This program includes:

  • 1:1 30 minute kick-off call to get to know each other and put our plan together
  • Customized  training plan built around your lifestyle and goals. Training plan includes runs and strength training workouts. 

  • Bi-weekly schedule adjustments

  • Weekly check-ins via email

  • Weekly feedback via email

  • Support and educational materials

  • Customized race strategy plan

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